What you need to know about Clayton car service

A regular car service is a must if you want to save money and extend the life of your car. Taking your car for regular inspection and thorough maintenance will pay huge dividends in the long run. The nature and frequency of car service will vary depending on the age of the car, model and how the car is driven. Here are a few reasons why Clayton car service is important.


It reduces the cost of repairs

The longer the car repairs are ignored, the more they will cost. Regular checkups will allow the mechanic to spot some of the problems and repair them before they break down the car. Some repairs such as brake replacement, oil change and tire changes are less costly to do.

It reduces engine wear

Your vehicle engine oil should be changed regularly. If this is not done, the engine oil will lead to knocking of the engine. This is very expensive to repair. Sometimes the damaged engine may not work even after repairs. This means you will have to buy a new car.

It reduces the chances of accidents

Loose brakes and worn out tires are recipes for accidents. Replacing these parts in time can reduce the chances of car accidents. This will also save you from paying high insurance premiums. Insurance companies always raise the amount paid as premium when a car is involved in accident. Your license may also be taken away if your are involved in many accidents.

It increases fuel economy

If your car is not well maintained, you will end up paying more on fuel. This may strain your budget and make your travelling less enjoyable. Poorly maintained cars also emit fumes that pollute the environment. This may land you into problems with authorities. Investing in good Clayton car service will save you from these problems.


SM Inc.: The NBR Float Specialist

SM Inc. is a NBR float specialists that mainly deals with export services. For many years, this company has specialized in developing and manufacturing float and supplying it to different industries. The main industry that is supplied with the float is the automotive industry. However, there are other industries such as propane and liquid sensing industries that benefit from these services.

Research and Development

SM Inc. is a company that know the importance of research and development in the growth and success of business. The experts in this company have made it their business to research projects meant to improve the manufacturing process. They have evidence of their continual research meant to improve the production and services they render to their clients. This evidence is the low sulphur formulation technology. This is a technology that has gained a lot of popularity in the market especially since the high sulphur formulation technology caused a lot of corrosion and malfunctions to systems.


Quality Assurance

One thing you can be assured of from SM Inc. is quality products and services. The company has come up with a single Reject and Return PPM and a zero defect strategy. Apart from this, the company is ISO certified. This is another thing that shows you that you can rely on this company.


SM Inc. was started back in the year 2006. In the same year, they started their manufacturing process and exported their products to countries like the US, UK, Vietnam and Thailand. The lab equipment installation and quality certification from India was also done in the same year. In the following years, the company continued supplying NBR float to different industries in different countries and in 2007 and 2010, they got ISO certified. The company as grown in many ways since it was started and in 2015 the facility was enhanced. It is expected to grow even bigger in the coming years.


The company has a system of organization that makes the NBR float business run successfully. At the top is the CEO who heads the entire organization. Below the CEO there is the auditor and director. These are above the business and administration, production, quality assurance and research and development team. The other staff deals with production and everything else up to product delivery.