Fence your way to safety with Covington Fence Company

Understanding your fencing needs can be rather challenging, but not so with Better Decks & Fences at Covington Fence Company. Strategically situated at the heart of Covington in Georgia and with a history spaning close to two decades, we are dedicated to ensuring that none of your concerns regarding fencing goes unattended.

Why Choose Us?

We Offer Pocket Friendly Services – Unlike rival fence installation companies, our primary accent is placed on quality as opposed to profits. We ensure that our clients get the best value for their money by providing the very best in quality fencing, a fete that has propelled us through the murky waters of this kind of business.

We Are Versatile – Specialising in both commercial and residential as well as industrial type fencing, we can guarantee our clients any fencing types or styles. The mere fact that we have constructed thousands and thousands of different fences such as privacy fences, chain link fences and ornamental fences only goes to show the extent to which our speciality cuts across borders.

We Are Customer Oriented – At Better Decks & Fences, Covington, we guarantee an intimate touch with our clients. We ensure that proper ground is laid for consultations with prospective clients before going the extra mile of actual availing of our services. How do we achieve this?
We ensure that before any kind of transactions are done, we visit your residential homes or business premises and provide you with a free estimate, based on your respective fencing needs and budget.

We Are Fully Certified – Nothing boggles the mind than to realise you have been engaging the services of an unlicensed firm. This way, you can be sure that all the avenues will be shut in the event you need to channel your grievances for redress.
However, we at Better Decks and Fences, Covington, are fully licensed and we have put measures in place to address any legal issues that might crop up in our day-to-day operations, especially with regards to our client needs.

We Have A Wide Geographical Scope – The extent of our services stretches to a large geographical expanse. This ensures that we do not only serve the immediate population but extend such services to a good size of the entire Covington population, hence ensuring our long standing public image.

We Are Free Of Middlemen – At Better Decks and Fences, Covington, you are guaranteed that you are dealing with the real employees on the ground. We ensure that the information you obtain from us as well as the services we render are fully given by our own specialists. This way, our clients can be sure that there will not be any inconveniences usually occasioned by the middlemen, such as added costs and brokerage services, and our company too does benefit from this by ensuring that sensitive information does no.


With all these services, we can surely guarantee that we are the best fence companies, not only by Covington standards but by any standard of measure there is for any fencing company. Try Covington Fence Company today, and you will not be disappointed.

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