Redefining The Beauty of Your Eyes With Circle Lens

circle lens 3Circle lens is a special cosmetic contact lens used to make your eyes appear a little bit large than their actual size. The main difference between these type of lens and normal color lens is that while normal color lens are tinted only at the areas that covers only iris, circle lenses are manufactured with extra tint in the area even outside the iris. Usually this outer ring is transparent for usual color lenses. Although they are not very popular in North America, nowadays many most teens and many adults have started this trend. They are mostly purchasing them online.

They come in different colors and effects depending on ones tastes and preferences. These lenses have been in the market since 2004 and they have become quite popular in Asian countries including Japan, china, Taiwan and South Korea. They are produced in Korea under the guidelines and approval of the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). circle lens 31

Any risks associated with these lenses?

In Asian countries, these lenses are being bought in stores even without any prescription. Their legality in different countries varies with the countries local laws. In countries like United States, non-corrective lenses are classified as medical devices by FDA (food and drug administration). Here, concerns are being raised about those who buy these lenses without first consulting with their optometrists. This could result to buying lenses that are not the right size. However, tinted lens lovers are sufficiently advised about possible reduction in the optical quality of their eyes. When properly prescribed and correctly used, they are safe. That is why doctor’s prescription is always advised.

Wearing the best circle lens for your eyes offers to be more than just contact lens. It can redefine the scenes of beauty make up of your eye. As if that were not enough, it can talk about yourself.