Seoul Scholars International

The Seoul Scholars International (SSI) is an independent secondary education for gifted students for Grades 8 to 12. The school is based as an International School in Seoul, focusing on training students for a cultural fitment to study abroad or to provide a nourishing and culturally suitable environment for expat students coming from abroad to Seoul. The institution focuses on its skilled pedagogy that helps inculcate a critical thinking besides the mastery of the usual secondary standard subjects.

Activities: Being regarded as an exceptional International School in Seoul, SSI looks forward to grooming students and rearing an interest in a number of diverse fields – these include sports, foreign languages, music, cooking and technology, to mention a few. SSI promotes a number of clubs for both genders to encourage participation and activity in these clubs (these include clubs for Volleyball, Soccer, Cycling, Badminton, Chinese, Spanish, Orchestra, Dance, Baking, Culinary and Robotics).

As in most international schools globally, the emphasis lies on creating interest and motivation in students through a sense of collaboration, team bonding and gamification. This is the reason SSI encourages its students to choose a set of activities that they would prefer to culture besides education. At the same time, the background activities for these clubs are well researched and at par with global schools worldwide so that the students can relate to and even compete at a global level when required. In line with this global outlook, SSI also organizes international field trips to help create the level of global exposure and maturity required in its international program.

SSI also encourages summer programs, where students can approach their counselors to complete any particular coursework at other renowned organisations, thereby helping students utilize the networking collaboration of the school

Faculty: SSI has an internationally accredited body of faculty and counselors, who have studied or worked abroad, to help administer their varied, diverse and intellectually stimulating experience in teaching students. Most of the distinguished faculty members at SSI have completed or worked in the USA, UK or European countries and are therefore well trained for the engaging curriculum at the shcool.

Admission: SSI accepts students who are motivated, curious and would positively contribute to the overall learning space of the institution. Besides, given its international culture and curriculum, students need to make a fitment culturally as well. For eligible, SSI accepts students in the 8th – 11th grades, with a limitation of admitting not more than 10 students per semester. The process starts with the filling out of the admission form that captures the academic details and meritocracy of the applicant. The second step for the applicants selected from the first stage is an Interview and Entrance Exam, the latter specifically focusing on English and Maths

Transfer Credit Policy: In line with its global schooling pedagogy, SSI encourages students to apply with provisions to transfer their credit scores from earlier schooling programs. Depending on the school’s accredition policy, the students’ counselor determines which credit points to transfer on admission to SSI.

All in all, SSI ranks among the better educational institutes in Seoul. With its intense yet balanced programs, qualified faculty and meritorious history, this is an option worth considering, more so, if a student sees a fitment in growing up in an international school in Seoul