The Amazing Neo Smartpen N2

The Neo Smartpen is actually a smartpen by using a capture sensing unit within the tip, as well as a MicroUSB slot within the tail of the pen, and can be used one of two ways. This electronic digital pen is amazingly slender and is made from solid, lightweight aluminum, which makes it modern, reliable and glossy. This smartpen is as compact as a ballpoint pen and is also quite comfortable to hold on to.

The battery life of the smartpen is around 48 hours, but it may be much less based on usage. It is actually about six inches long, plus it weighs about 84 ounces. The smartpen will keep 1000 pages of notes, which can be a lot more than most other smartpens on the market. This electronic digital pen also understands a number of different languages.
You can switch the pen on and write on the notebook for uploading at a later time. You can also start the application and have the software program record your pen strokes instantly. This electronic digital pen will upload whatever you write and draw in its unique notebook to an application. NeoLAB Convergence also provides an outstanding application to enhance the smartpen. The application, Neo Notes, works together with iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets and smartphones.

Features: Neo Smartpen N2
There are numerous awesome reasons for having the Neo smartpen application. The pen switches on instantly once you begin writing, identifies what page or notebook it’s on, and stores information into the memory space, even if it’s not plugged into a smart device. Notes taken will instantly transfer to the device as soon as the smartpen is reconnected. You’ll be able to observe your activity and find out when and where you wrote or drew while using the smartpen. To assist you to manage your pages, you’ll be able to label them with any category you wish. In the event you wish to create a voice memo, it can be done as well. The replay functions allow you to hear the memo or basically view the progress of the writing or drawing. You can even write out a text and copy and paste it in a text message or an email message.

The Neo Smartpen N2 is definitely among the finest electronic digital pen offered. It works with most devices, it’s amazingly light in weight, and all the accessories are provided and included with your purchase. The average cost for this amazing investment is around $170.00. The purchase includes a modest pocket notebook, an additional pen refill, and a MicroUSB cable for recharging.
The choice of colors you can choose from are either black or silver/white. You would be able to purchase various different size notebooks. The small memo notebook would be great for creating a shopping list. You would also be able to select a notebook that comes with graphed paper. A larger college-ruled notebook or a legal pad size notebook is another option. The Neo Smartpen N2 is designed to offer the very best innovative writing and drawing sophistication.

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