Seoul Scholars International

The Seoul Scholars International (SSI) is an independent secondary education for gifted students for Grades 8 to 12. The school is based as an International School in Seoul, focusing on training students for a cultural fitment to study abroad or to provide a nourishing and culturally suitable environment for expat students coming from abroad to Seoul. The institution focuses on its skilled pedagogy that helps inculcate a critical thinking besides the mastery of the usual secondary standard subjects.

Activities: Being regarded as an exceptional International School in Seoul, SSI looks forward to grooming students and rearing an interest in a number of diverse fields – these include sports, foreign languages, music, cooking and technology, to mention a few. SSI promotes a number of clubs for both genders to encourage participation and activity in these clubs (these include clubs for Volleyball, Soccer, Cycling, Badminton, Chinese, Spanish, Orchestra, Dance, Baking, Culinary and Robotics).

As in most international schools globally, the emphasis lies on creating interest and motivation in students through a sense of collaboration, team bonding and gamification. This is the reason SSI encourages its students to choose a set of activities that they would prefer to culture besides education. At the same time, the background activities for these clubs are well researched and at par with global schools worldwide so that the students can relate to and even compete at a global level when required. In line with this global outlook, SSI also organizes international field trips to help create the level of global exposure and maturity required in its international program.

SSI also encourages summer programs, where students can approach their counselors to complete any particular coursework at other renowned organisations, thereby helping students utilize the networking collaboration of the school

Faculty: SSI has an internationally accredited body of faculty and counselors, who have studied or worked abroad, to help administer their varied, diverse and intellectually stimulating experience in teaching students. Most of the distinguished faculty members at SSI have completed or worked in the USA, UK or European countries and are therefore well trained for the engaging curriculum at the shcool.

Admission: SSI accepts students who are motivated, curious and would positively contribute to the overall learning space of the institution. Besides, given its international culture and curriculum, students need to make a fitment culturally as well. For eligible, SSI accepts students in the 8th – 11th grades, with a limitation of admitting not more than 10 students per semester. The process starts with the filling out of the admission form that captures the academic details and meritocracy of the applicant. The second step for the applicants selected from the first stage is an Interview and Entrance Exam, the latter specifically focusing on English and Maths

Transfer Credit Policy: In line with its global schooling pedagogy, SSI encourages students to apply with provisions to transfer their credit scores from earlier schooling programs. Depending on the school’s accredition policy, the students’ counselor determines which credit points to transfer on admission to SSI.

All in all, SSI ranks among the better educational institutes in Seoul. With its intense yet balanced programs, qualified faculty and meritorious history, this is an option worth considering, more so, if a student sees a fitment in growing up in an international school in Seoul

Why you should make a website for your business

With massive growth internet, people are looking out for various tools that promise to teach how to make a website. Often, finding a competent professional to do the job is marred with a lot of deficiencies: High prices, lack of direct control, and service related issues are key things that dissuade people from hiring web designing professionals. However, if you were to learn it all by yourself, it would get easy and cost effective to handle it.
Internet drives e-commerce, in fact, some of the biggest corporations in the world only sell via the internet, therefore, for a global outreach, internet presence is imperative. Clients are likely to take you more seriously if you have a good website. Even If you intend to sell goods and services online through marketplaces, it is strongly recommended to have your own website.
For newbies, it is quite difficult to make a good website, and hence they hire professionals, who not only charge a hefty one-time fee but also follow up with high website maintenance costs. But the truth is, neither making nor maintaining a website is that difficult.
You can either use tools that help you organize the site and teach you about putting informative content, or you can work on your needs to understand how you want to build the website. For instance, if you are a company selling computers, you would want a neat interface with the option for your customers to buy your products; whereas, if you are a consulting firm, you can just put case findings and the complete breakup of your services. Just like everything else, websites are customer driven, so be sure to tailor the website to match your visitor’s taste.
In this fast information age, tutorials and a lot of handy information exist, you just need to have good search skills to get the right information. But the real job begins once you are done building the website. Every good enterprise brings in a long of tweaks every now and then on their website in order to improve user experience. Hence, you should seek constant feedback from your users – be it through a feedback form, or a comment; and incorporate changes for a good user impression.

Bad websites can kill your business just like a bad cover letter can deprive you of a good job. So it is important to write cohesive content, and arrange it pretty well. A website is akin to a physical property, and just like a physical property you have to organize it well.
Once you learn how to create a website, you should take short notes of things that work for you. Taking notes will help you understand key takeaways should you want to build another website. While technology is ever changing, the basics of website designing remain the same.
Learning and building never ends, so you must constantly keep yourself updated with new trends in the field, and experiment with them. Once you learn how to make a website, be sure to try what you have learned step by step, and get set to take your business to the next level.

What you need to know about Clayton car service

A regular car service is a must if you want to save money and extend the life of your car. Taking your car for regular inspection and thorough maintenance will pay huge dividends in the long run. The nature and frequency of car service will vary depending on the age of the car, model and how the car is driven. Here are a few reasons why Clayton car service is important.


It reduces the cost of repairs

The longer the car repairs are ignored, the more they will cost. Regular checkups will allow the mechanic to spot some of the problems and repair them before they break down the car. Some repairs such as brake replacement, oil change and tire changes are less costly to do.

It reduces engine wear

Your vehicle engine oil should be changed regularly. If this is not done, the engine oil will lead to knocking of the engine. This is very expensive to repair. Sometimes the damaged engine may not work even after repairs. This means you will have to buy a new car.

It reduces the chances of accidents

Loose brakes and worn out tires are recipes for accidents. Replacing these parts in time can reduce the chances of car accidents. This will also save you from paying high insurance premiums. Insurance companies always raise the amount paid as premium when a car is involved in accident. Your license may also be taken away if your are involved in many accidents.

It increases fuel economy

If your car is not well maintained, you will end up paying more on fuel. This may strain your budget and make your travelling less enjoyable. Poorly maintained cars also emit fumes that pollute the environment. This may land you into problems with authorities. Investing in good Clayton car service will save you from these problems.



Circle lenses are gaining popularity in the US especially after a popular singer by the code name Lady Gaga was seen by her loyal fans in one of her music videos. Now there have been very many concerns among doctors around the world concerning the health effects that they have on the eyes. However their concerns have landed on deaf ears as people continue to purchase them without a thorough check up or even a doctor’s prescription. Due to their cheap nature of about 20 to 30 dollars and their facial enhancing effect, they have gained a soft spot among the teenager and young women who consider them trendy.


Effect on the health of the eye

Due to the poor dispensing mechanisms among the retailers, problems are likely to evolve in the long run. As a result of people wearing them without proper prescription, they may end up buying shapes and sizes that are not good for their eyes which in effect interfere with the cornea and the iris.

Lenses which are not correctly fit to your eyes consequently result in eye damage both in the short and long run. Additionally you may develop allergy to both corneal scarring and ulcers. It may also result in abnormal growth of corneal blood vessel which can threaten your eyesight. Lenses that are fit too tightly on your eyes deprive the eyes of adequate amounts of oxygen which in effect pay permanently impair your vision.klenspop circle lenses

Retailers have sharply refuted the claim that you do not need to be fitted with the lenses by an eye specialist claiming that all you need is to secure the prescription information and then proceed to purchased them online. However you should be aware that some of them are in business and all that they are interested in is making money.

The bottom line is that prevention is better than cure. Have your eyes properly checked and fitted with circle lenses by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist so that you may avert complications in future.

Why K-Kiosk is The Best Company For You

Koryo Kiosk, which is famously known in the international market as K-Kiosk is a company that is dedicate to provide you with high quality electronic kiosk products. This company has been able to build and establish a great reputation in Korea, which has enabled it to spread its distribution channel to different continents in the entire world. The main distribution points include Kenya, Russia, England, India, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Chile.

Interestingly, you will discover that K-Kiosk products have incorporated superior unique features that possess great design and efficient functionality. Such products include the photo kiosk which can be available at a discounted rate especially during different promotional functions. Meanwhile, the introduction of the Photo Kiosk Solution is meant to facilitate MMS service, mailing service, different publications on Facebook and even boosting of background modification.

Digital Information Display_i-style_4

Another great product is the outdoor kiosk which is an air circulation system of smart-type. Other products include custom kiosk, standard kiosk, Multivision Video wall and Digital Signage. Besides, this company is ready to offer rental services to different business in relation to the stipulated guidelines and conditions. This is deemed to help your business in maintaining consistent performance and getting a conducive location or environment where business can operate efficiently.

When it comes to product development, K-Kiosk is committed in ensuring that customer needs and preferences have been tailored to the product. With a great team of professional and experienced experts, the products are uniquely designed using the latest technologies. This is meant to satisfy you as a customer and find the value for your money. Apparently, the products from this company are available at an affordable and cost-effective rate besides being guaranteed high quality. This is followed by instant delivery once you have placed an order.

K-Kiosk is ready to partner with you in its partnership program and offer you solutions to your business. This can be through consistent provision of high quality products that will meet the expected demands in an efficient way possible. Indeed, K-Kiosk is the absolute choice for you!