What you need to know about Clayton car service

A regular car service is a must if you want to save money and extend the life of your car. Taking your car for regular inspection and thorough maintenance will pay huge dividends in the long run. The nature and frequency of car service will vary depending on the age of the car, model and how the car is driven. Here are a few reasons why Clayton car service is important.


It reduces the cost of repairs

The longer the car repairs are ignored, the more they will cost. Regular checkups will allow the mechanic to spot some of the problems and repair them before they break down the car. Some repairs such as brake replacement, oil change and tire changes are less costly to do.

It reduces engine wear

Your vehicle engine oil should be changed regularly. If this is not done, the engine oil will lead to knocking of the engine. This is very expensive to repair. Sometimes the damaged engine may not work even after repairs. This means you will have to buy a new car.

It reduces the chances of accidents

Loose brakes and worn out tires are recipes for accidents. Replacing these parts in time can reduce the chances of car accidents. This will also save you from paying high insurance premiums. Insurance companies always raise the amount paid as premium when a car is involved in accident. Your license may also be taken away if your are involved in many accidents.

It increases fuel economy

If your car is not well maintained, you will end up paying more on fuel. This may strain your budget and make your travelling less enjoyable. Poorly maintained cars also emit fumes that pollute the environment. This may land you into problems with authorities. Investing in good Clayton car service will save you from these problems.


A Guide to Picking the Right Pair of Color Lenses

color lenses 20

Color lenses always help to enhance and or change the natural color of your eyes. They are more than just elements of personal style. They are accessories you need to improve your vision on a daily basis. Generally, they can completely change your eye color, enhance your natural eye color or brighten your eyes. So many colors are available, so you can actually choose the one that suits you best based on your personal taste and preference. Colors like blue and brown are natural. If you prefer rare, exotic shades, colors like violet and topaz would be the best choice for you.

The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you hair, eyes and skin color are warm or cool based. If you cannot examine your skin on your own, ask a friend to help or visit cosmetic counter for help. Dong this is important because it helps you find lenses that match your desire for color.  color lenses 7

Most people buy contact lenses from people who are not eye-care professionals. This is not the right thing to do at all. Remember, you may not require vision correction per se. The truth, however, is that that you cannot wear contact lenses without prescription. Therefore, visit an eye-care professional for eye checkup and contact lenses prescription. Never purchase contact lenses from anyone other than an eye-care professional or the optician.

Pick the color that matches your taste best. You can choose lenses based on your hair, skin or eye color. If you have a new hair color at this time, you may want to choose contact lenses with a color that matches that of your hair. It is always important to choose color lenses that enhance and brighten the natural color of your eyes rather than changing it completely. These types of lenses will enrich the tone of your eyes without changing your natural color at all.

Redefining The Beauty of Your Eyes With Circle Lens

circle lens 3Circle lens is a special cosmetic contact lens used to make your eyes appear a little bit large than their actual size. The main difference between these type of lens and normal color lens is that while normal color lens are tinted only at the areas that covers only iris, circle lenses are manufactured with extra tint in the area even outside the iris. Usually this outer ring is transparent for usual color lenses. Although they are not very popular in North America, nowadays many most teens and many adults have started this trend. They are mostly purchasing them online.

They come in different colors and effects depending on ones tastes and preferences. These lenses have been in the market since 2004 and they have become quite popular in Asian countries including Japan, china, Taiwan and South Korea. They are produced in Korea under the guidelines and approval of the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). circle lens 31

Any risks associated with these lenses?

In Asian countries, these lenses are being bought in stores even without any prescription. Their legality in different countries varies with the countries local laws. In countries like United States, non-corrective lenses are classified as medical devices by FDA (food and drug administration). Here, concerns are being raised about those who buy these lenses without first consulting with their optometrists. This could result to buying lenses that are not the right size. However, tinted lens lovers are sufficiently advised about possible reduction in the optical quality of their eyes. When properly prescribed and correctly used, they are safe. That is why doctor’s prescription is always advised.

Wearing the best circle lens for your eyes offers to be more than just contact lens. It can redefine the scenes of beauty make up of your eye. As if that were not enough, it can talk about yourself.

Marine Blue Condo Units for Sale

marine blueOwning a property particularly a home is often a testament to one’s success, personal accomplishment, and pride. If you succeeded in acquiring, not simply renting, a home for you and/or your family then you already achieved one of the important goals in life that promotes feeling of security and success. How can you not feel glorious, pride, joy when you accept the key to your own home at last? It makes all the work you have done less painful and tiresome. So, why not invest your hard-earned money in one of Marine Blue condo units? You will definitely get the home that you truly deserve.

Marine Blue condominium is situated at the residential area along Marine Parade Road. If you already know the area then you will understand why the location makes the condominium a great investment opportunity. All the essential facilities and amenities can be found if not in the condo building itself but around and near the building. For example, you can find the popular Parkway Parade just across the condominium. The mall offers banking, dining, boutiques, supermarkets, and other outlets that you may require. If you want other offers like different cuisine, you can check out the Katong area, which is only a walking distance from your condo unit, and try their well-known delicacies. Families with children can also easily avail schooling because the complex is near primary and secondary schools. Besides the convenience of having facilities and amenities that you may want and need nearby, you can’t also discount the fact that the view from the units will be spectacular. Clearly, Marine Blue condominium is the perfect sanctuary for anyone whether you are a starting family, single or a professional on the go.

Contact Capitaland Residential for more details regarding availability of units, floor plans, terms of payment, application requirements, and other data that you may want to know about Marine Blue condo units.


Leading flower shop Calgary establishments are highly recommended for clients seeking that personal touch, expression and sheer beauty that is created through special arrangements and packages.

An array of custom preferences can be handled by a dedicated team that is at hand for the most professionally appealing outcomes. Seasoned florists are at an advantage when it comes to identifying highly ideal packages.

house flowers

Sweet aromas add to a touch of finesse and impeccable tastes that will be noticed and may even get complimented on. There is an infinite range of possibilities such that each bouquet is appealing in its own way. Expert hands are able to duplicate their prowess on a grand scale during events and occasions.

Plenty of in-store perks such as delivery at no extra charge are meant to maintain a high standard while keeping price points fair and manageable. Reservations and online bookings assist with the ordering process by giving suppliers ample time to tend to orders fully.

An active florist network is always at hand to ensure that only fresh and perfectly cut flowers are ready for sale and delivery. Flower gift arrangements have remained an excellent way of conveying warmth and other emotions. They have a profound effect on the recipient and their surroundings and will be well received.

Neat and well organized plans portray an appreciation for the finer things in life. Firms that adopt them are sure to leverage against their counterparts from simply taking up a recommended plan. Design scheme involves different plants to tend to formal and casual preferences that come with each order.


Selecting just the right flower shop Calgary resource entitles the prospect to a vivid and memorable way of conveying messages through art. Favourite picks are sure to attract attention and liven up the setting which they are placed.